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“The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.”
— Rumi



Social good digital publisher

٭   Challenges assumptions using entertainment publishing to elevate consciousness and promote healing in various interest categories.
٭   Connects activism to brands that want to contribute something meaningful to this world.

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Awaken Self + Love

Social movement to elevate consciousness and promote self-love

٭  Shares solutions to awaken ourselves by cultivating unconditional self-love to transform our inner and outer worlds.
٭   Merges contemporary with ancient mystic, indigenous narratives of humanities, interconnected divine nature and the enchanted layers of reality.
٭   Highlights interdisciplinary healers, transformative tools, social good products and conscious services. [efb_likebox fanpage_url=””]  

Shipibo clothing line

High vibration indigenous social good clothing company

٭   Fair-trade, high-quality fabrics sourced sustainably in India with shamanic geometric patterns knitted by female elders of the indigenous Shipibo tribe living in Peru.
٭   Handcrafted by an intentional community of monks based in Nepal.
٭   Blessed both by the healing energies of Shipibo woven prayer and Nepalese gratitude rituals.
٭   Collaboration to create sustainable economic development for the intentional Crystal Earth Community of Kathmandu, Nepal and indigenous Shipibo tribes in Lima, Peru.
٭   The Shipibo are an indigenous tribe of protectors of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest accredited with holding the sacred traditions of entheogenic plant based healing ceremonies.
٭   This project was inspired by a fire in the slums of Lima, Peru that left 22 families without homes. What started off as a fundraising to build homes became the launch of a sustainable clothing business to help provide empowerment of the local people.

Fundraising campaign coming soon.

Guided Awakening

Social movement to promote awakening

٭   Humanity’s loyal conduit for its most important journey: the spread of love, unity and purpose.
٭   Shares solutions and inspiration to transforming ourselves by cutting through the illusion of separation from others in our world.
٭   Highlights mindful products to aid in the process of healing and elevated consciousness.
٭   eCommerce site [coming soon] will promote progressive consciousness expanding and healing technologies, i.e. sound therapy, light and frequency healing devices, biofeedback, subliminal mind tapes, EMF shielding, radionics, electromagnetic field measurement tools, ionizers, etc. [efb_likebox fanpage_url=””]

Crypto Psi Lab

Cryptocurrency lab for applied precognition & energy capability

٭   Uses applied precognition methodology ( and experienced researchers who have been working in the field of remote viewing to validate expert analyst speculation in the highly volatile and emerging cryptocurrency industry.
٭   Explores, researches and applies progressive logic to increase energy efficiency for cryptocurrency mining. Website under construction.

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We convert profit oriented companies to agents of awakening—dojos and militia for self actualization.

We are an organization that creates high-impact projects and empowers individuals by giving them experiences and tools for self-development. By delivering red pills of awakening to the public through regenerative initiatives, we broadcast various narratives to challenge our assumptions and direct our focus to inner transformation and pathways to liberation.

Our studio of awakening sprouted its seed in 2012 when founder Anthony Illiano embarked on a journey of interdisciplinary healing modalities and traditions that rekindled childlike innocence by dismantling fixed beliefs and judgments. He understood that global healing begins with inner consciousness.

Since then, we have activated companies as nodes in the collective human network. By broadcasting signals of unity, possibility and hope and by bridging worlds of ancient mystic and modern science, we inspire social-good businesses, movements and individuals to unlock their potential, discover their deeper purpose and shine a healing light on our world.

  • Anthony Illiano is an online media and communications entrepreneur focused on elevating human consciousness and co-creating a harmonious inner and outer world connected to love and unity. As a co-founder at, Anthony has a background in marketing campaign management and audience traffic driving. He aims to shift media industry communication strategies from profit-oriented, deficiency-based, ego-centric advertisements to beacons that highlight social-good business, quality of character and new possibilities for change.


Anthony Illiano

CEO & Founder


Clis Lopez

Project Manager